13 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Games for Kids


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February is officially here! And that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! You don’t want to miss out on these 14 free printable Valentine’s Day games for kids! These make for such a fun way to celebrate this holiday with your kids!

Free printable valentine's day games printed and displayed on table.

I had so much fun creating these free printable Valentine’s Day games and there’s something for kids of all ages! So whether you have a toddler, preschooler, first grader, sixth grader…there’s something for everyone to enjoy this Valentine’s Day! And the best part, there’s no game board required, no additional cost! You simply download, print, and play! Any of these are sure to be a lot of fun!


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How to Download Free Printable Valentine’s Games

Downloading is so easy! Simply click on the “Download Now” under each game title below for whichever game you want or if you want them all just click the “Download All Games Now” button below! You’ll be directed to the PDF file instantly! These printables are for personal use only, but please feel free to use at your classroom party or at home!


  • Color printer
  • White printer paper or white cardstock
  • Laminator (optional)
  • Laminating sheets (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Tokens or candy
  • Dice
  • Tape
  • Blindfold

These are some supplies you may want to grab before printing. I recommend printing on cardstock or if you’re going to use regular printer paper to laminate the pages of some of these games. This way you can use them multiple times and even save for next year!

Valentine’s Games

These 14 fun Valentine’s Day games won’t disappoint! There are easy games and a little bit more challenging games! But either way they’re all loads of fun!

Valentine Word Search

Valentine word search for free printable valentine's day games.

Who doesn’t love a good word search? This is by far one of my older kids’ favorite games! This word search contains 12 Valentine themed words to find! I’ve also included an answer key, so don’t worry, you don’t have to go searching for the answers! 

Valentine Word Scramble

Valentine word scramble printable.

This is another all time favorite game! This printable Valentine game contains 11 Valentine themed words for your child to unscramble! Have even more fun by inviting a friend to play! Set a timer and see who can unscramble the most words first! There’s also an answer key for this!

Valentine Maze

Valentine maze for free printable valentine's day games.

This Valentine maze can be used by the younger and older children! The goal is to get the Valentine card to the mailbox! Again, setting a timer would make this a little more challenging! I included an answer key too!

Valentine Code Breaker

Valentine code breaker game displayed.

I remember doing these as a child and loved them! So print this out and let your kids decode this fun and sweet poem! Answer key is included!

Valentine Tic Tac Toe

Pink and dark gray tic-tac-toe for free printable valentine's day games.

I couldn’t leave out this classic and simple game! This printable contains 3 tic-tac-toes, so grab a friend or two and start playing! 

Valentine’s Day Bingo and Memory Match

Bingo and memory match free printable valentine's day games.

Bingo is a hit in this house and they love it even more when there’s a fun theme involved like Valentine’s Day! This game is based off of images so the little ones can play too! There are 5 Valentine bingo cards included, so 5 players can play at a time! You can use tokens or candy hearts to mark places.

This game also doubles as a memory match game! Simply print out the 2 pages of calling cards twice and you can play memory! This is one I would recommend laminating and keep for future use!

Valentine Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt and blank scavenger hunt printables displayed.

This would be another great game to have multiple players, work individually or in pairs, set a timer and let them hunt for all the Valentine themed fun! This Valentine scavenger hunt includes 30 items to find! I also included a blank scavenger hunt page, so let them get creative and make their own!

Valentine Sudoku

Valentine Sudoku free printable valentine's day games.

This has been my oldest child’s newest hobby! In the puzzle, each row across and column down needs one of each of the images on the page. But there can’t be more than one image in any row across or column down. These can sure make you think! You will need scissors to cut out the additional squares of images to place in the correct place. 

Valentine Roll and Cover Game

Dice games are always fun! And this free printable Valentine’s Day game is perfect for the younger kids and a great way to incorporate some math! You will need at least one dice to roll or if you want to include multiple players they each need one. Each child will roll, count the dots, and then use a token or candy to cover up that number. Whoever covers their numbers first wins! I included 5 different playing cards so up to 5 players can play at a time.

Valentine Pin the Arrow on the Heart

Pin the arrow on the heart game with pink and red arrows.

A fun take on another one of the classic games, “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, except this is pin the arrows on the heart! I included 6 arrows total, using traditional Valentine’s Day colors of 3 red and 3 pink. So grab a couple of players and take turns pinning the arrows onto the heart. Whoever gets their arrow closest to the center of the target wins! Younger children will enjoy this one!

The heart prints on 4 separate pieces of 8.5×11 paper. Each piece is meant to have some overlap so you’re able to tape the pieces together for a little larger size heart. You will need to cut out each piece to the heart and line up the bullseye and then tape together. If you plan to laminate, laminate each paper first before cutting out.

Valentine I Spy

Valentine I Spy game.

This is one fun game that my 5 year old enjoys the most! This game includes 9 different Valentine images. The number of each image in the picture is listed at the bottom. Simply find all the images listed! This is the perfect game to get the whole family involved! Print one page out for each family member, set a timer, and start spying!

How Many Words Can You Make

How many words can you make from Valentine's Day free printable game.

This can really get the older children thinking! In this game, you use the letters from the words, “Valentine’s Day” to create as many words as you can. But don’t forget you can only use the letters once per word! Once you come up with a word, write it on the heart bulleted list! This would be a fun game to play in the classroom! Print a copy for each child, set a timer for 3-5 minutes and see who can come up with the most correct words and follow the game rules!

Tips for Free Printable Valentine’s Day Games

I invested in a laminator a year or two ago and I use it all the time! If you want to be able to use these printable games over and over I think it’s a good idea to laminate them!

I learned a trick from my friend Kristin over at Arrows and Applesauce for storing game pieces! For example, for the Bingo/Memory game, once you’ve laminated the playing cards and the calling card, tape the sides of a small sandwich bag to the back of a game card. Then you can place all your calling cards/memory card pieces into the bag! And they’ll be ready to go for next time!

I hope you love these free printable games! So go ahead, party and have a great time! Use them for some quality time during family game night, middle school class parties, for preschool valentine games, or even at a play date!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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