2021 Christmas Gifts Under $50

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So if you’re like me I know some of y’all have started shopping, but maybe not done just yet. I put together a few 2021 Christmas Gifts Under $50 together for y’all! It’s a mix of things by choosing places like Amazon, Christianbook Store, and some small shops on Etsy. I wanted to make this something that everyone could use! Most of these are things we already have and love, I’m purchasing this year for gifts, or things on a current wishlist!

For Him

2021 Christmas gifts under  for him. Wireless speaker, coffee mug, flashlight, slippers, silicone rings, coffee, and latern.

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  1. Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker: My husband is constantly listening to music. He has a wireless speaker he uses frequently, but I just ordered him this speaker for Christmas so he can listen to music or his podcasts while he takes a shower! And I’ll be using it too! Ha!
  2. YETI Optic Rambler Mug: This YETI mug from Black Rifle Coffee Company is perfect for all those coffee loving men in your life!
  3. Heavy-Duty Flashlight: I bet if you paused right now you can name at least 5 men you know that are always looking or needing a flashlight! I know I can! This is just what they need and after the gift-giving, they’re responsible for not losing it!
  4. Dreamfoam Slippers: Have you ever felt Dreamfoam slippers? They’re so comfy and soft! And these are sure to keep his feet warm this winter!
  5. Men’s Silicone Rubber Wedding Rings: When my husband joined a crossfit gym, his wedding band kept causing him issues, but he didn’t want to go without his wedding band either. So we found this set of rings on Amazon. Now he wears them daily. They’re affordable, comfortable, and he has backups in case anything happens to one.
  6. Black Rifle Coffee Company The Complete Mission Fuel Kit: This set of 4 different coffees will give him a taste across the spectrum! From the lightest roast to the darkest.
  7. True Utility Pop-Up Lantern: Ok, we randomly ended up with one of these and it’s been so handy! We’ve used several different times and it just seems fitting that all mean need one!

For Her

Gifts under  for her. Jewelry holder, lounge shirt, necklace, headband, coffee mug, lounge pants, mini handmade basket.
  1. Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer: I actually bought this for our daughter this year for Christmas. But now I want one too! I love that it can hold all types of jewelry. I don’t wear a ton of jewelry, but I would love to be able to keep my necklaces from being tangled and just keep things organized a little better. *adding to my wishlist*
  2. Under the Mistletoe Long Sleeve: Roolee has become one of my most favorite places to shop for my own clothing because of the nursing friendly options. And this shirt just says cozy & comfy! Best of all it’s affordable!
  3. Made by Mary Necklaces: I just ordered a necklace from here for a Christmas gift! I can’t wait to see it when it arrives. All of this jewelry is just so pretty and I love all the ways it can be customized. You can add names, or birth month flowers, or initials!
  4. 606Designs Headbands: If you follow along on IG you see me wear these headbands almost daily! I originally bought a couple to help hide my postpartum hair regrowth, but now I can’t quit them! So many fun styles, buttery soft, great price, and stay in place!
  5. Be Still & Know Tall Campfire Mug: I love a good mug for my morning coffee or afternoon tea. This mug being tall is even better to hold more of the goodness! Bonus it has scripture on it! Also, The Daily Grace Co is having a major sale right now, so run!
  6. Under the Mistletoe Joggers: I love me some joggers! These I’m also adding to my wishlist because I think I could just live in them!
  7. Multipurpose Mini Basket: I just “met” this mama and small shop owner of Mama Bear Crochet on IG! I’ve been watching her stories of her making all kinds of goodies! I fell in love with these little baskets! They would make perfect gifts for some sweet homemade candies, cookies, or lip balms! The possibilities are endless! AND she donates a portion of her sales to her local crisis pregnancy center!

For Baby

Gift under  for baby. Amber teething necklace, toy rattle, box shape sorter, handmade vintage hats, white noise sound machine, moccasins, soft play book.
  1. Inspired by Finn Amber Teething Necklace: I’ve used an amber teething necklace for all 4 of my babies! And when you don’t really know what to buy for a baby at Christmas, this works great! Mama will thank you too!
  2. Ryan & Rose Cutie Teether Rattle: I bought one of these for the baby (that’s now 1, excuse me while I go cry) and he loved it! I kept it mostly in the diaper bag for when we were out and about!
  3. Melissa and Doug Shape Sorting Cube: I love Melissa and Doug! And this was a birthday present for the youngest a couple of months ago. It gets played with every single day!
  4. Vintage Baby Bonnet: This is from Mama Bear Crochet that made the mini basket above! How stinkin’ cute are these?!
  5. Portable White Noise Machine: We’ve used white noise with all the kids for sleeping! I didn’t have this machine until the latest baby, but I wish I had it sooner! It has a nightlight on it, multiple sounds, and a timer. I use this every day!
  6. Bird Rock Baby Moccasins: I love baby moccasins! They’re adorable, but I also feel like it’s a lot more comfortable for those little chunky feet. I grabbed a pair of these for the baby when he turned 1 and I plan on buying a few more!
  7. Goodnight Moon Cloth Book: Keeping a baby/toddler content during church is a task! I’ve been on the hunt for a quiet soft play book for him and found this one! We’ve taken board books, but he’s thrown those, as well as, ate some of them. Hoping this option is better and I love this classic book!

For Toddler

Gifts for toddlers. Warmies plush toy, handmade wooden name puzzle, kinetic sand, wooden shape puzzles, pajamas, sensory tool kit, and boogie board.
  1. Warmies Plush Toy: Our daughter received one of these as a gift one year. We still use it frequently. It’s filled with lavender buds that smell so good. Plus you can heat it up for comfort!
  2. Wooden Name Puzzle: I love these wooden name puzzles that are handmade by a small shop! It’s a great way to help with letter recognition and spelling their name. Also, makes a great keepsake!
  3. Kinetic Sand: I’ll be honest, I said I would never buy this stuff because it just seemed like a disaster. But it’s not! We keep it in a box and the kids will get it out to play with every now and then! It’s a great quiet time acitivty and the sand stays contained in the box! It’s such a fun sensory activity! I will say I’m still anti-slime. That stuff is still stuck on some of my baseboards.
  4. Melissa and Doug Pattern Blocks: Another Melissa and Doug toy! I’ve had this on the list for awhile and I’m planning to purchase it for Christmas! We have a cheap one that’s similar to this and all the kids have enjoyed it. I love purchasing things they can all share!
  5. Brave Little Ones Pajamas: These pajamas are so cute! I love that they’re gender neutral too! I’d love to buy a pair for each kid, because sometimes matching them is so much fun!
  6. Sensory Bin Tool Kit: Another Etsy favorite! I purchased this set last year for our toddler! It’s great to use in the kinetic sand, dry beans, rice, all kinds of things! The price is great too!
  7. Boogie Board: Last year each kid got one in their stocking. They’ve held up some, but they were pretty cheap. I’ve linked one that looks like it’s better quality. These are also a great quiet time activity and even for long car rides! They play games on it like hangman, tic-tac-toe, or they just draw! This morning the 6 year old was drawing on one in his bed!

For the Bigs

Gifts for the big kids. Brain flakes, reading timer, reading light, crayola art set, handmade bow and arrow, marble run, magna-tiles set.
  1. Brain Flakes: This was a gift last year for Christmas and it still a favorite! I love how it encourages creativity! There is a book to help them make different creations, but most of the time they just make up their own things!
  2. 2 Pack of Timers: Our oldest is always timing her reading and whatever she does the other ones want to do too! So I’m planning on grabbing this 2 pack of timers for them to use for their reading time! It’s a great way to encourage reading time.
  3. Reading Light: To go along with the reading timers, the oldest ones both read in bed before going to sleep. We’ve had a few reading lights, but I think the baby broke the last one. So this is on my list to order! These have the amber light function in them too, to not interrupt their sleeping!
  4. Crayola Art Set: Our oldest received this as a birthday gift one year and it did not disappoint! It’s the perfect little kit to grab and go for all their crayons, markers, and coloring pencils. All of them just grab it and take to wherever they’re going to draw or color! It stores great too!
  5. Bow & Arrow: Another cute gift from Treasures from Jennifer on Etsy! We have a wooden slingshot and I know they would love this after we bought a super cheap bow and arrow set from the Dollar Store one time. But this is made to last!
  6. Marble Run: This looks like another fun way to encourage creativity! I’ve had it on my Amazon list for awhile and it’s on sale right now! There’s also a coupon to take off an additional $3!
  7. Magna-tiles: We have something similar to these and the kids have loved them. After researching a little bit I think these are a better option than what we have. There are tons of kits to choose from and these don’t have rounded edges and stay together better!

Family Games

Family games for Christmas. Shut the box, giant spoons, I spy eagle eye, classic yahtzee, classic rack-o, and farkle.
  1. Shut the Box: This is a family favorite here! My mom bought this for the kids one year and we’ve loved it! The whole family can play and it’s great for math!
  2. Giant Spoons: My husband’s family gets a little crazy playing spoons, but it is so much fun! You could just use a deck of cards and some spoons, but it’s nice having a dedicated set to play with!
  3. I Spy Eagle Eye: This was another gift from a friend! It’s another great one because the whole family can play! And trust me you won’t believe the anticipation that builds trying to spy things!
  4. Yahtzee: I don’t know about y’all but I love those classic games! I remember playing this when I was little and now I enjoy it with my own kids!
  5. Racko: My grandparents introduced this to me years ago! I have such great memories of playing this game with them. And I can’t wait to play with my own kids now!
  6. Farkle: Okay, this took us awhile to get the hang of, but now that we’ve got it, it’s a ton of fun! Even my dad loves this one!

I had so much fun putting this 2021 Christmas gifts under $50 shopping guides together and sharing some ideas with you guys! And if you’re looking for some stocking stuffer ideas my friend has put together some ideas, check them out here!

And if you need help planning your Christmas budget I just added a free printable! Simply enter your e-mail below and it’ll be sent straight to your inbox!

Happy shopping, friends!

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  1. So many lovely gift ideas! Thank you for putting this list together. I will be sending my husband over to shop for me LOL

  2. Wow, such fun gift ideas!!! I’m terrible at getting gifts early I definitely haven’t started my shopping but I’ll be coming back here when I do! I love the flashlight idea for hubby. And the bow and arrow for our oldest son!! Great ideas

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