Christ Centered Easter Activities for Kids (Free Printables)


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Spring. It just feels good to even say it. After what usually feels like a long winter, gray skies, and cold, Spring is so refreshing! And how fitting that we have Easter then too! We go through a time of preparation for Easter, which you could probably compare to winter. But then Spring, but then Easter! After all it’s where our hope is. We love everything Spring brings, but we also want our kids to know what Easter truly is about, we want them to know the Easter story. So I’ve gathered up some of our favorite Christ centered Easter activities and books to share with you!

Christ centered Easter Bingo game displayed on kitchen table with dry beans as markers.

Free Christ Centered Easter Printables

I recently created some Easter printables that stay focused on Jesus and can help spark conversations with your children about the Easter story. In my free printables library you will find:

Child coloring He is Risen coloring page with cross and leaves for Christ centered activity.
  • Happy Easter Coloring Page
  • He is Risen Coloring Page
  • Easter Story Bingo (print calling cards twice and you can also play memory)
  • Resurrection Eggs
  • Easter Word Search
  • He is Risen Banner
He is Risen Banner with crosses displayed laying on kitchen table.

Christ Centered Activity for Kids and Families

One of my Instagram friends, @natashajred, recently shared the 7 candles tradition! This idea was originally shared in this post from Noel Piper. It’s similar to using Advent candles. But instead you use 7 candles and each day during Holy Week you blow one candle out until the last candle is out on the day of Jesus’ death. Then on Easter you light all of the candles for He is Risen!

We will be using this at our family suppers during Holy week. I love the visualizations this will demonstrate for our kids and for us even as adults! Since I gave up nonessential spending for lent, I went around my house and found what I could to make my own 7 candles display. Doesn’t have to be fancy as you can see below!

7 candles displayed on kitchen table for Christ centered family activity.

Easter Books


Pinterest pin graphic for Christ centered Easter to save for later.

I’d love to hear your family’s traditions for focusing on Christ during the Easter season! Drop me a comment! And be sure to leave your e-mail below to gain access to the free printables! Check out this post for all the details on DIY Resurrection Eggs!

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