Cute Valentine Day Gift Basket Ideas for Kids

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Gift baskets are one of my most favorite things to put together and the perfect way to share a little love with someone! It doesn’t matter if it’s for an Easter basket, Christmas gift, or if it’s just a simple basket to take to a friend after they’ve had a baby. Gift baskets are a fun way to celebrate anyone at any time! And Valentine’s Day is no different! So I put together some Valentines gift basket ideas for kids!


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Kids Valentines Basket Ideas Supplies

  • Basket – You can use any style, size, shape basket you choose! If you want to stick with traditional Valentine colors go with red or pink. But if you think the basket could be used year round go with a neutral color. If you want to make things simple, grab a larger size basket and fill it with gifts for all your children to share. (That’s what I chose to do this year!)
  • Tissue paper or crinkle paper (optional) – This is completely optional. But I love to add festive color tissue paper or crinkle paper to my gift baskets. It’s just a cheap way to add a little pop of color to your basket. It can also help to hold items upright in the basket.
  • Items to fill a basket – This could be just about anything, fun items or practical items! I love to walk through Dollar Tree and the Target Dollar Spot for ideas! But I’ve also included more ideas to give you some inspiration below!
  • Cellophane Gift Basket Bag – This is optional. But if you wanted to enclose your items you can purchase a cellophane bag from a craft store.
  • Ribbon – Additionally, if you’re going to use a cellophane bag, be sure you have some kind of ribbon or string to tie around the bag.
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Creative Ideas to Fill Your Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

Obviously, this is where the fun happens! You can stick with traditional Valentine’s Day gifts like their favorite sweet treats, chocolates, or a teddy bear. But I’ve included some fun ideas to spark your creativity and make the best Valentine’s gift baskets!

Supplies for kids valentines basket ideas.

As a mom of 4 with one on the way, I like to purchase things that will get used and enjoyed! I don’t like to fill these baskets with stuff that’s going to clutter up the house. So these kids Valentines basket ideas below are great options that they will have fun with, are budget-friendly, and won’t end up in your junk drawer.


  • Mini Craft Kits – Check your local craft store for mini kits for sewing, embroidery, and other crafts.
  • Beads & String – What kid doesn’t love to lace some beads on a string for a new necklace or bracelet? You can purchase individually or buy small sets with directions.
  • Stickers – This is such a simple idea and great option for those little ones! You could even purchase small sticker activity books!


  • Bath Bombs – All of my kids have loved bath bombs. You can pick them up at almost any local drug store or Target. But if you have time check out DIY Essential Oil Bath Bombs and whip up your own!
  • Lip Balm – I don’t know about y’all but we’re constantly needing lip balm around here! This is a great basket idea for all the kids! 
  • Nail Polish – Both my girls love to have their nails painted! For the younger one we use the nontoxic piggy paint. You can buy them in adorable little sets!
  • Nail Stickers – If you don’t want to mess with nail polish, nail stickers are always a fun option!


  • Card Games – A pack of cards is so simple and there’s multiple games that can be played. 
  • Mini Travel Games – There are tons of mini travel games out now! And they do come in handy when you have to take a long drive with the kids!
  • Activity Books – Grab those small activity books with seek and find, mazes, word searches and more! Hours of entertainment!
  • Board Games – If you’re putting together a larger gift basket for multiple kids, board games are perfect! 

More Gift Ideas

Woman holding individual pack of Yum Earth organic gummy fruits for kids Valentines basket ideas.
  • Valentine Candy – Add in your little ones favorite candy, special treat or snacks! We love YumEarth candies that are made without any artificial dyes, but still taste great!
  • Gift Cards – It might not seem very sentimental, but gift cards are a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for the older kids.
  • Fuzzy Socks – You can find fuzzy socks just about anywhere! Grab some fun Valentine themed ones or just whatever is your child’s favorite.
  • Books – Books make the perfect addition to any gift! Buy a board book for a baby or rather a classic book for the older ones! 
  • SnacksLesser Evil and Partake usually have themed snacks! Makes it cute, but still has good ingredients! Applesauce pouches are another great option.
Woman holding individual pack of Partake Chocolate Chip Valentine theme cookies for kids Valentines basket ideas.

How to Assemble A Fun Gift Basket

  1. Gather Supplies – Before starting, gather everything you’re going to use for your Valentine’s gift basket from the basket to all the fillers! That way you have everything right there and you’re not running around trying to find things.
  2. Add Tissue Paper/Crinkle Paper – I usually always add some in the bottom to fluff up the basket and then add in more after I’ve added all items to the basket. If the basket you’re using is rather large you can also use plastic grocery bags or old scrap paper to fluff it up and then top with the tissue paper. I used paper from a Thrive Market order to fill up the bottom, shown in the image below.
  3. Layering Items – Start with your larger items first, towards the back of your basket. Then work your way towards the front of your basket working with items largest to smallest. 
  4. Additional Filler – Add in any extra crinkle paper or tissue paper. Don’t be scared to fill it up!
  5. Cellophane Basket Bag – Then if you’re using a cellophane gift basket bag, simply open the basket bag up, sit your basket down inside, gather all corners and tie with a ribbon or string.
  6. Gift Tag – Lastly, add your gift tag if you’re using one for the finishing touch.

Gift baskets really are so much fun to put together! I hope these kids Valentines basket ideas have helped your planning! So just grab some of these items, have fun, and share a message of love with your little sweetheart for the best Valentine’s Day yet!

Supplies for kids valentines basket ideas laid on counter ready to stuff basket.


What do you put in a Valentine’s basket for kids?

Mini craft kits, games, sticky hands, favorite candies, stuffed animal, glow sticks, sunglasses, fuzzy socks, book, crayons, stickers. The options are endless!

Do you give Valentine’s gifts to kids?

We have always given our kids some small bag or basket of Valentine’s gifts to celebrate!

What should I do for my kids on Valentine’s Day?

Spend time with them! Read a Valentine book, make a themed craft, watch a Valentine movie, or bake some cookies!

More Valentine’s Day Fun

I hope these kids Valentines basket ideas were helpful and you’re able to create the perfect gift! Before you sign off be sure to check out my Valentine’s Day Bundle FREE Printables for some fun activities! And there’s more Valentine’s Day fun coming soon!

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