Easy DIY S’mores Kit for the Family

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Nothing says Summer like catching lightening bugs and making s’mores out by the fire! But what makes it even better? Having all your s’mores supplies in one place so you can grab it and start having fun! I put this easy DIY s’mores kit for the family together mostly with what I already had at home and it’s saving my sanity!

Easy DIY s'mores kit for the family displayed with supplies in metal wire basket on kitchen counter.

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Supplies for DIY S’mores Kit

  • Container for everything – I purchased a metal, wire basket from Target that matches my other baskets in my pantry.
  • Roasting Sticks – We bought these roasting sticks a few years ago. I love that they came in a small case making storage easy. These expand out far enough making them easy for the kids to use.
  • Paper Plates – You can use any kind of paper plates. I just grabbed these when I was in Target.
  • Wipes – Baby wipes are a must to keep the toddler from wiping sticky chocolate all over us. Hello Bello are just the wipes I happen to have right now.
  • 3 Airtight Containers – I have 2 sets of airtight containers that were gifted to me. One set is OXO brand and the other is from Better Homes and Gardens. I don’t see one brand being any better than the other. But these work great for keeping foods fresh. And since this is something the kids are grabbing often, I’m glad these are plastic.
  • Graham Crackers – You can grab any graham crackers you like. We’re currently using Pamela’s because they’re gluten free, but they don’t lack flavor!
  • Chocolate – I recently discovered that Enjoy Life has chocolate bars!
  • Marshmallows – Don’t open the bag unless you’re prepared to eat the entire bag. These are so good, bonus, better ingredients!
  • Extras – We’re pretty simple here, but if you’re wanting to try some different things on your s’more grab peppermint patties, peanut butter cups, cookies & cream bars, and almond joys.
Woman emptying bag of marshmallows into container for easy DIY s'mores kit for the family.


Pinterest graphic for easy DIY s'mores kit for the family.

Once you have all your supplies ready, just pop each food into their container, place all supplies into your basket and you’re ready for some fun nights by the fire!

Boy holding metal wire basket full of supplies for easy DIY s'mores kit for the family.

This would make a great housewarming gift for the summer or pack this up for your 4th of July party! And just for fun I made a s’mores menu to display at any of your parties! Just drop your e-mail below and it’ll be sent straight to your inbox!

Graphic for free printable to use with DIY s'mores kit.

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  1. Because we live in the South where it is SO hot in the summer months, we always have tons of bonfires in the fall and S’mores are a family favorite! So I will definitely be putting together one of these boxes asap. I feel like this would make a fantastic family gift too- such a fun way to bless someone else!

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