Free Printable Earth Day Bingo Cards and Memory Game


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Make this Earth Day fun and celebrate this special day with fun activities for you and your little ones! These free printable Earth Day bingo cards are adorable and this bingo game doubles as a memory game too! It’s the perfect activity and a fun way to explore Earth Day!


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What is Earth Day?

The first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970, and is now celebrated every year on April 22. Earth Day is all about environmental issues and how we can protect our environment. Around the world, there are numerous events on April 22nd, but we can contribute to protecting our environment every day! Taking part in things like recycling, cleaning up our local areas, having a compost bin, and more are all easy ways we can help keep our beautiful planet clean and healthy! What I love most about this is our kids can participate in all of these activities, it’s the perfect way to bring your family together to help the Earth. 

Free Printable Earth Day Bingo Cards and Memory Game

This free download of cute Earth Day bingo cards includes 5 bingo cards and 24 calling cards. These unique cards include watercolor graphics that are beautiful, realistic, and yet fun for kids and all reflect an Earth Day theme! It’s a great way to have fun with the kids and explore all about Earth Day! After you play a few rounds of bingo, don’t forget you can print a second copy of the calling cards, cut them out, and play a game of memory, my three-year-old’s favorite game!

Watercolor earth day bingo card with calling cards scattered on table.

How to Download Free Earth Day Bingo Cards

Downloading these free printable bingo cards is easy! Use the download button below and the digital file in PDF format for this printable set will open in a new window ready for you to print! This printable is for your personal use only. If you would like to share this printable with friends, please send the link to this blog post. 

Supplies for Earth Day Bingo Game Cards

One thing I love about this printable Earth Day bingo game is, the fact, that you don’t need a bunch of supplies! You only have to print and play!

  • Regular white printer paper
  • White cardstock – for best results I recommend using cardstock for durability and to not see through the paper when playing memory. For added durability, I like to laminate these to use them year after year.
  • bingo markers – if you choose to laminate you can also use a dry erase marker to mark spaces. 

Favorite Laminator

I purchased this when we started homeschooling and it’s been perfect for all of my small projects and it’s affordable!

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Earth Day Bingo Set – How to Play

Go ahead and get ready for a fun game of bingo and memory! Bingo and memory are easy and fun for kids of all ages! My 3-year-old loves to play and both games are designed to make it easy for him to participate.

Child holding bingo calling card with watercolor earth.

For Bingo with 2-5 Players

  1. Print out bingo cards and calling cards. If you want to be able to play memory be sure to print out an additional copy of the calling cards. If you choose to laminate cards do so before cutting a part. Then cut calling cards and shuffle.
  2. Gather whatever you want to use as your bingo markers.
  3. Have each player use a bingo marker to mark their free space.
  4. Choose one player to hold up the first calling card, each player should then use another bingo marker to mark that space on their bingo card.
  5. Continue the previous step until one player has marked 5 spaces in a row, either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. The player that marks 5 spaces in a row should say, “Bingo!” and they are the winner.

For Memory with 2 or More Players

  1. With two sets of the calling cards cut and ready to use, shuffle cards.
  2. Lay each calling card face down in columns and rows.
  3. Have the youngest go first, selecting 2 cards. If it’s a match the player gets to keep the cards and select 2 more cards. If the cards are not a match, flip the cards back over and it’s the next player’s turn.
  4. Continue these steps until all of the cards are matched.
  5. The player with the most matches wins the game.

Earth Day Activity Bundle

If you have younger children this 13-page Earth Day Activity bundle is only $5.00 and offers a variety of engaging activities from letter tracing, scissor skills, matching, and more! 

4 of 13 pages of the Earth Day bundle. Letter R tracing, counting page, shadow page and cutting practice.

I hope you and your kids enjoy this fun activity! If you love these free printables be sure to check out my other fun bingo games for all the seasons! And I would love for you to tag me on social media if you use any of my printables!

Printable Earth Day Activities

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