Halloween Candy List and Better Choice Swaps

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Believe it or not, Halloween and all the holidays are just right around the corner! Every year I try to be more aware of making better choices for my family. We’re far from perfect! But every time we make a better choice, swap something out, we’re one step closer in the right direction! It’s not always easy! But there are so many options for better choices in the sweets our families eat! Just don’t forget these are still candies and sweets, they’re just better options! So I’m going to share a Halloween candy list of better choice swaps, Halloween candy alternatives, and also a roundup from Hobby Lobby of Autumn activities, if you want to skip the Halloween theme things.

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I am linking as much as I can. But several of these options can be found at Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, and Thrive Market. If you haven’t joined Thrive Market yet, sign up and save 40% off your first order! Be sure to check your local stores for availability. Each graphic below also contains the ingredient list of select items.

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Halloween Candy List & Better Choice Swaps


Swap image of reese cups to unreal peanut butter cups.


Swap graphic image for skittles for Halloween candy list.


Swap graphic for sour patch kids to smart sweets for Halloween candy list.


swap image for dum-dum suckers to yum earth pops


Swap image for gummies for Halloween candy list.

Better Choice Halloween Treats

Rice Krispy

Swap image graphic for rice krisipies treats to made good crispy squares.

Fruit Roll Ups

Fruit roll up swap image graphic.


Swap image for popcorn balls to Lesser Evil popcorn.

Additional Snack Ideas

Alternatives to Halloween Candy List

If you want to skip out on the candy part altogether, there’s tons of options to choose from! Here’s a list of some affordable ideas! And you can also grab a free printable of bookmarks with, “The Legend of the Pumpkin” story on one side and the other side has pumpkins to color! Just print as many as you need to handout to your friends! Just drop your e-mail below!


Halloween candy list alternatives from Target graphic.


Wal-Mart Halloween candy alternatives graphic.

Hobby Lobby Halloween Alternatives (Autumn Theme)

I know Halloween isn’t something everyone celebrates. So I wanted to include some cute, affordable options you can grab at Hobby Lobby to do with your own children at home, use at a Fall festival, or to hand out in your child’s classroom!

Autumn theme ideas from Hobby Lobby to replace Halloween graphic.

Until I started searching for better options, I didn’t know so many of these even existed! So I hope this post was helpful for you and don’t forget to hit the share button if it was! Happy Halloween, friends!

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