Kindergarten Morning Work Printables Bundle (Morning Menu)

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Are you looking for a great way to start the beginning of kindergarten with your little one? Let me introduce you to the morning menu bundle. The perfect morning routine for your kindergartener! This kindergarten morning work printables bundle, sometimes called the morning menu, is a fun way to start your day! It wasn’t until a couple of years ago when we began our homeschool journey, that I even heard about morning menus. Honestly, when I heard the word “menu” I thought of restaurant menus, but that’s not the case. So I’m going to be giving you the scoop on morning menus and how you can use this bundle for your young learners.

My kindergarten morning work printables bundle displayed in a restaurant menu cover laying on a natural wooden desk.


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What Are Kindergarten Morning Work Printables (Morning Menus)

There are several variations of morning menus, but the original concept comes from a Charlotte Mason approach. I have found that most morning menus consist of a 4-8 page printable that can be used repeatedly every morning. Although these bundles are typically used for younger children, you could customize your own based on the needs of each of your students.

School morning work options might include activity sheets for:

  • Calendar Time
  • Hymn/Prayer/Scripture
  • Weather/Tracing/Emotions/Days of the Week
  • Art Study
  • Music Study
  • Poetry
Child using purple dry erase marker on the all about the weather page of the kindergarten morning work printables bundle.

But the beauty of using kindergarten morning work packs is you can include whatever you like and change as needed! In this way, you can have theme weeks or months and discover what your child benefits from the most. Once you take the initial time to put it together, that’s it! It’s open and go, it’s not something you have to prep every single day. This makes for a great opportunity for kindergarten students to have some independence too!

What’s Included in Kindergarten Morning Work Printables (Morning Menu Bundle)

When I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted to use for our kindergarten morning work time, I decided to make my own! And now I’m sharing this with you so you don’t have to use a lot of time prepping for your new school year. This creative bundle includes different types of activities from letter recognition to fine motor activities to number practice and more! Here is a list of exactly what is included in our 32-page menu bundle printable, this allows for plenty of options to decide your child’s morning work choices:

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  • My Morning Menu Cover Page
  • The Alphabet Reference Guide
  • The Alphabet Tracing (Uppercase and Lowercase Letters)
  • Numbers 0-30 Reference Guide
  • Numbers 0-30 Tracing
  • Months of the Year Reference Guide
  • Months of the Year Tracing
  • Days of the Week Reference Guide
  • Days of the Week Tracing
  • All About the Weather (Season, Weather, Temperature)
  • All About Today (Month, Week, Write the Date)
  • Today I Feel
  • Blank Calendar
  • May 2023-December 2024 Calendar Tracing Pages
Child circling feelings on the, "Today I feel" page.

Once you purchase you can print out as many copies as you need, whether you have one young student or multiple young students. Use in your homeschool, kindergarten classroom, or any small groups. Best of all, this bundle includes everything you’ll need for the entire year! 

How to Assemble Kindergarten Morning Work Printables

Finally, you might wonder how to put your morning menu bundle together. I recommend using a restaurant menu cover to put your pages in. These will hold up to 8 pages, which should be plenty for a kindergartener. I have also used a binder with sheet protectors, which works well too. However, the restaurant menu is more durable, takes up less space, and gives an overall finished look.

My Favorite Supplies

Here are some of the supplies that I used when making this project!

Restaurant Menu Covers

Dry Erase Crayons

Cotton Rounds

I recently discovered dry-erase crayons I prefer these over the dry-erase markers. There’s no odor and they erase so much easier! I also give my children a cotton round to use as an eraser.

Child filling in the August 2022 calendar.

Once the older kids are started on some of their independent work, I will sit with my kindergartener and help her begin working on her morning work routine using this menu bundle. It’s an excellent way to spend a little one-on-one time with her. Her favorite part is circling her feelings for the day! And from there we can discuss the weather and more! 

How to Use Kindergarten Morning Work Printables

Morning menus can be used however you like. For example, they can be used in your morning basket time, as independent work, or as the main workbook for your younger children. I most commonly see them used during the “morning basket” time. During this time, even if it’s not in the morning, it’s simply a way to bring everyone together to do group learning. Devotionals, prayers, read-aloud, or any other group subject that is for the entire family.

Child placing morning menu bundle into white metal wire wall basket.

This is a perfect way to incorporate some reading one-on-one time with the younger ones! Grab a comfy spot and curl up with a book that expands on what is in the morning menu bundle! Some of our favorites include:

Additionally, we love the What Should Danny Do? What Should Danny Do? School DayWhat Should Danny Do? On Vacation. There’s also What Should Darla Do? These books are fun and interactive. They give the child the power to choose their actions and then they can see the result of their choice.

Finally, using a morning menu bundle, younger children can start to develop new skills such as learning the alphabet, counting numbers 1-30, introducing them to the weather, seasons, temperature, months, days of the week, how to read a calendar, and more!

It’s a gentle and easy way to have your younger children participate and spark their love of learning! Looking for more about homeschooling? Check out these blog posts!

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One last thing, I thought this would be a great time to answer some frequently asked questions about the morning menu bundle!

How much is the Morning Time Menu Bundle?

Our Morning Time Menu Bundle is 32 pages for $5.99

Will future calendar year pages be made?

Yes, we will update and added calendar pages as needed.

Is it possible to order this as a physical product?

We don’t currently offer physical products.

Can this be used for travel?

Yes, this would be great to take on a trip and explore and discuss the differences in weather and seasons.

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