Spring Activities for Kids (Free Printables)

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We did it! We officially made it through the long winter and into Spring! I’m not saying our weather here agrees with that statement, but it is officially Spring and I’m just going to pretend the sun is shining and I can feel the Spring weather on my skin! I think I can speak for all of us when I say we’re ready to bid farewell to the winter weather! But to celebrate I’ve got some fun Spring activities for kids to share with you and there’s some free printables included too!

Additionally, the Spring season is a great time for the whole family to enjoy warmer weather, quality time,  and learning through nature! This list of Spring activities for kids can be used during spring break or just a fun weekend with the family! There’s also great ideas for those rainy days. So take advantage of this magical season and fresh air in a variety of ways!


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If you’re looking for something specific use this table of contents to jump to the category, but I would be sure to check out all these creative Spring activities!


So, let’s just jump right in with this list of fun activities! There’s everything from sensory play to outdoor activities to Spring books and undoubtedly something for kids of all ages to enjoy!


Obviously, Spring is the perfect time to explore outside for a full sensory experience! Particularly finding worms, digging in the dirt, walking barefoot in the grass the possibilities are endless!

Sensory Bins – On rainy days if you’re not wanting to jump in the puddles and get muddy, you can make your own sensory bins indoors. I like using plastic bins and filling them with different items. Things like playdough, kinetic sand, beans, and rice are all great options for sensory bins. Also, add to the fun by choosing a theme for it! 

Mud Kitchen – So a couple of years ago we built a mud kitchen out of scrap wood and tucked it into a little spot in our woods. We grabbed some cheap items from the dollar store for them to use. Ice trays, muffin pan, colander, spoons, and a water dispenser. I didn’t realize at the time how much fun our kids would have out there! The love of making mud pies never seems to go away! I can remember making them as a child and now watching my kids do the same is so much fun! 

Bubbles – This may be one of my favorite things that you can usually always find in my kids’ Easter baskets! You can purchase these at the store or if you’re looking to make your own try out this recipe from my friend Elizabeth at At Home on the Prairie. 

Playdough Recipe – There are tons of great playdough recipes out there, but I love that I can whip up this playdough quickly because I usually have all the ingredients on hand and there’s no cooking required! Add to the fun with these fun Spring playdough mats! 

Homemade orange playdough in mason jar on kitchen counter for sensory spring activity for kids.


At this point, we’ve all been so ready to get outside and feel the warmth and the sun! This list is sure to help you enjoy all the outdoors have to offer!

Local Park – Outdoor Spring activities don’t have to be complicated! Just load the family up and head to a local park! All of our kids have their favorite local park, we just rotate which one we go to!

Farmer’s Market – Visit your local farmer’s market! You never know what you might find!

Nature Walk – Explore all the signs of Spring with a nature walk! I have a Spring Scavenger Hunt included in my bundle below!

Petting Zoo – We don’t have a local petting zoo nearby, but when we visit the zoo there’s an area to visit a few baby animals and the kids always enjoy this! Spring weather is a great time to visit the zoo too!

Outdoor Picnic – An especially fun, simple, and free way to enjoy time outdoors! This is by far one of my kids’ favorite outdoor activities! It’s a great opportunity to allow your kids to experience some independence! Let them pack up the picnic and get everything set up. 

Nature Study – Using a simple nature study is a wonderful way to have Spring fun and learn at the same time! These are so enjoyable, they won’t even know they’re learning!

Easter Egg Hunts – Visit a local church for an Easter egg hunt or create your own at home! 

Puddle Jumping – Another free activity you can do at home that is sure to be the highlight of their rainy day! Dress them up in their rain gear and send them outside to burn off some energy jumping in the puddles, by far one of the messiest, but most fun Spring activities the kids will love!

Nature Collage – Grab some construction paper and let the kids explore outside for some nature pieces to make their very own nature collage!

Fly a Kite – Take advantage of a windy day and fly a kite! Anytime the wind is blowing, you bet my kids are asking to fly a kite! 

Play Hopscotch – Such an easy game for kids to play and have fun! Whenever there’s sidewalk chalk out you better believe there’s going to be hopscotch too! 

Bike Ride – Dust your bikes off and put them to good use with a family bike ride! It’s been awhile since we’ve all been on a bike ride together since our family has grown. But it was always one of our favorite things to do to get outside. If you have little ones that can’t ride on their own yet, we love using a pulley system attached to my husband’s bike! The smaller ones would actually fall asleep in there.

Go on a Hike – We have a few of our favorite little places we like to go on a small hike to. We usually pack some food and there’s a creek we visit. They love catching crawdads, finding rocks, different leaves, and all kinds of fun things!


Over the years, I’ve found one of the best times for me to spend with my children is in the kitchen. They absolutely love helping me cook just about anything, especially any sweets of course. Inviting your children into the kitchen with you can seem overwhelming at times and surely messy, but you’ll never regret the time spent with them and the conversations you’ll have while cooking!

Homemade Ice Cream – Ice cream is by far my favorite and making some homemade is even better! If you need a recipe you’ve got to try this homemade chocolate ice cream!

Mini Carrot Cupcakes – These would be perfect to pack for that picnic!


Enjoy these wonderful Spring crafts with your younger and older children. Crafting with the kids is a great way to let their imaginations run wild and have fun! 

Bird Feeder – Another easy craft to do with kids of all ages and you likely have everything on hand already!

Easter Baskets – Can’t forget about Easter baskets! So have some fun and let the kids decorate their own Easter basket to take to the egg hunts!

Pom Pom Chicks – These are adorable! They would make a cute little gift or string them together to create a banner to decorate an area in your home.

Dye Easter Eggs (Naturally) – Is it even Spring if you’re not dyeing some eggs? Bonus, this recipe is for dyeing them naturally!

Watercolor Paintings – Have fun exploring different colors and bright colors with watercolor paintings! Allow your kid’s creativity to go wild with this great activity.


Don’t worry you don’t have to go out and start the best vegetable garden ever, there’s simple gardening tasks you can enjoy creating with your kids this Spring that aren’t complicated!

Fairy Garden – There are tons of fairy garden kits or the kids can make their own using their imaginations with sticks, rocks, dirt, anything they can find!

Vegetable Garden – This is on my wishlist for one day! Baby steps, right? But take the kids out and pick the seeds of your choice and get to planting! 

Flower Garden – What better way to spend some quality time together with your family than creating a flower garden! It’s a great Spring project!

Grow Cress Heads – These funny and cute little cress heads are a great project for kids. They’ll have fun creating and being silly, but the results will happen in just a matter of days, for those of us that are very patient!

Mini Flower Bouquets – I bet your kids have brought you little bouquets of grass and weeds, I mean flowers, before. This little project looks like a ton of fun and with some colorful flowers, you could even use flowers from your flower garden!

Botanical Garden – Set off on an adventure one day to explore a botanical garden!


If your kids love playing games I’ve got this free printable bundle set for you! All the games are simple enough for the younger ones to play, but still fun for the older ones too!

Just drop your e-mail below to grab my free Spring bundle!

This bundle includes:

Spring Bingo/Memory – Play bingo with up to 5 people or print the calling cards twice to play a game of memory!

Spring Bucket List – Print out this list of fun Spring activities in bucket list form and hang on your refrigerator! When the kids or the whole family needs a fun idea to do, just choose one of these Spring time activities to make some memories. Cross off each one as it’s completed! Simple ideas, but lots of different ways to have some fun!

Spring Scavenger Hunt – This fun activity is a fun way to encourage outdoor play on a sunny day! Just print and send the kids out to find natural objects and cross off as they find them!

Up close image of spring scavenger hunt for spring activities for kids.


I have a full list of Spring book recommendations! Reading a couple of books a day aloud with your children is the perfect chance for quiet moments of pause during what can feel like a busier season in the Spring. Check out some of our favorite books for Spring!

Stack of favorite books for Spring activities for kids.

Grab them on your next library visit or if you want to add to your own home library I love shopping at Thriftbooks! If you’re new to Thriftbooks, it’s the perfect place to buy used (or sometimes new) books!


I can’t forget about St. Patrick’s Day! It’s a favorite around here! Eat some good Irish food and have some fun with these free printables.

St. Patrick Cake Toppers – You can add these festive cake toppers to pancakes, waffles, cupcakes, and more to celebrate!

St. Patrick’s Day Bundle – Bingo/Memory and a bucket list are included.

Pot of Gold Playdough Mat – Make some homemade green playdough and add some gold glitter for all the fun!

St. Patrick’s Day Banner – This banner is simple, yet adorable and can make any room festive!

Prayer of St. Patrick Copywork – Print this out for the kids to practice handwriting skills and enjoy the sweet words of this prayer.

St. Patrick’s Shamrock Craft – Using a hands-on activity is always a great way to help your children better understand a topic. This shamrock craft helps children learn about the Holy Trinity just the way St. Patrick explained it.


So many good Spring coloring pages here we’ve already been enjoying! Get out those crayons or markers in the best Spring colors and have some fun! Using coloring pages is an easy way to get in some more read aloud time with a good audiobook!

Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Pages – One year we purchased caterpillars and watched the life cycle of a butterfly, it was so much fun! And you can use these free coloring pages to add to the fun!

Tulip Coloring Pages – Even if you don’t plant your own flower garden, you can still color some! 

Daffodil Coloring Pages – We’ve been seeing daffodils popping up everywhere! It’s such a beautiful sight to see after a long winter.

Busy Bee Coloring Pages – Read a book about bees and let the kids color this page!

Hello Spring Coloring Page – Perfect to celebrate that first day of Spring!

Earth Day Coloring Page – Earth day is quickly approaching! Have fun with this coloring page and talking about what Earth Day means! Also, don’t miss out on Earth Day Bingo Printable Game too, print the calling cards twice and play memory!


Before you go, be sure to check out these fun learning bundles from my Etsy shop!

Dandelion Activity Bundle – This bundle makes a great Spring activity when the dandelions are starting to pop up all over your yard! It’s 14 pages of fun!

Garden Activity Bundle – Even if you don’t plant a garden this year, this activity bundle is great for preschoolers to learn multiple skills through a garden theme. 35 pages of printable fun for your little ones!


Lastly, create a fun art activity or two with some of our favorite art supplies! These are things we keep on hand because we’ve got a couple little creative ones that need to make creations frequently.

  • Construction Paper
  • Glue Sticks
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Coloring Pencils
  • Watercolor Paints
  • Wiggly Eyes
  • Small objects they can add to things like pom poms, foam pieces, buttons, pipe cleaners, etc.


What are common Spring activities?

Mostly just anything outdoors! Hiking, biking, flying a kit, gardening, going on a picnic, and so much more!

What are some Spring activities for preschoolers?

Mud Kitchen, nature walk, bubbles, playdough, and sidewalk chalk.

How do you celebrate Spring with your kids?

Above all just spending time with your kids is the best way to celebrate Spring! But get outside, visit a park, explore your yard, read books, bake a Spring treat, go for a walk! There are so many creative ways to celebrate the Spring season with your kids.

I hope that wherever you are you have sunnier skies than we do and you can start enjoying some of these family-friendly activities!

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