The Best DIY and Natural Household Cleaners

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a wife, mother, father, son, daughter, whatever, you’re eventually going to be cleaning something. It was during the first years of our second child’s life that I started paying attention to our cleaning products and the ingredients I was exposing our family to. That was about 7 years ago. Since then I’ve tried numerous natural cleaners, DIY recipes, and more. I’ve recently been using a DIY recipe that gets the job done, is budget friendly, and so easy! Don’t worry, I have a backup plan for all you non DIYers! So get ready to Spring clean with the best DIY and natural household cleaners!

Woman refilling glass spray bottle with vinegar and essential oils on kitchen counter for DIY and natural household cleaners.

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Simplicity With a DIY Natural Cleaner

For the last couple of months I’ve been using Farmhouse on Boone’s DIY All Purpose Cleaner! I’ve been so impressed with how well it’s been working! I use it on everything from the kitchen appliances to the windows and the bathrooms!

What I love about using this:

  • It’s literally a few ingredients I always have on hand so I’m not running out of cleaner.
  • It costs little to nothing.
  • I can make a new spray bottle in just a few minutes, even the older kids can make it!
  • It works. Bonus, there’s no streaking!
  • No harsh chemicals.


Essential Oils for a DIY and Natural Household Cleaner

We use essential oils for so many things in our home and cleaning is one of them! My go-tos are lemon and tea tree. I did recently throw in a few drops of bergamot mint to have a Springy feel.

Lemon and tea tree are both in the above DIY All Purpose Cleaner, but lemon essential oil is great for anything sticky. If you have stickers stuck to your glass or labels you need to get off of jars, you just need a bottle of lemon oil! And tea tree oil is good for using on your dryer balls for things like towels and washcloths! If you want more details for laundry read all about how to do laundry efficiently.

Set of folded navy bath towels stacked on dryer with dryer balls in front of them.

I’ve been using Plant Therapy oils for almost 9 years! I did have a short time period where I had switched to another company, but found that Plant Therapy serves our family better. Even our pediatrician carries them in her office! If you’re interested you can shop Plant Therapy and get $10 OFF $25!

Woman holding bottle of lemon essential oil in the kitchen for diy and natural household cleaners.

Reusable Cloths for DIY and Natural Household Cleaners

Years ago I used paper towels for all of my cleaning. It makes me cringe just typing that. But I’ve been using cleaning cloths from e-cloths for several years now and love them! I was also gifted a couple of Norwex cloths that I use as well.

Having reusable cloths saves a ton over time! Each of the cloths are labeled for their intended purpose and it’s legit. The window cloths and polishing cloths do magic to our windows and mirrors! What is it the cool kids are saying these days…if you know, you know. Well if you have children you know what it’s like wiping toothpaste off the mirrors and fish lips off the windows. If you need an E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set, I’ve had this one for a few years now!

Woman using an e-cloth to clean off the stove top with diy and natural household cleaners.

Natural Household Cleaner

Okay, for those of y’all that aren’t into making your own cleaners I have a good one for you. Puracy has a great option for an all purpose cleaner, but it doesn’t stop there! I currently use their dish soap, dishwasher tabs, and stain remover!

Woman refilling glass storage container with dishwasher tabs on kitchen counter.

I have been reading up on some lard dish soap, so we shall see, but for now this dish soap has been working well! The dishwasher tabs I’ve been so impressed with! The dishes come out clean and I love how easy they are to use. The kids don’t waste a ton of liquid dishwasher soap this way.

Glass soap dispenser next to bottle of natural dish soap sitting in ceramic tray by kitchen sink with a plant in the background.

And again, if you have children…stains! If you follow along on Facebook or Instagram you saw the toddler covered in hot pink lipstick! Majority of it was right there on his face, but he did get it on his shirt too! But I just sprayed some of Puracy’s stain remover on there, scrubbed it in, tossed it in the wash and done! If you’re anxious to try Puracy just head on over to shop all their products and you’ll get $10 OFF your purchase!

Bottle of natural stain remover sitting on top of boy's gray and blue shirt with hot pink lipstick smeared on it for diy and natural household cleaners.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Now I know y’all are just dying to go Spring cleaning now! Here’s a few other quick tips that make cleaning more enjoyable for me:

  • Make a cup of coffee
    • Love me some Black Rifle Just Decaf
  • Listen to a podcast or audiobook
  • Use those essential oils in your diffuser
    • Spring diffuser blend: 5 drops lavender, 4 drops rosemary, 3 drops lemon
  • Open your windows
    • Easiest way to boost your mood and clean the air in your home

I’d love to hear if you have any favorite DIY and natural household cleaners, just drop me a comment!

Just for fun I created a Spring Diffuser Blend Post Card! Just drop your e-mail below and print to display next to your diffuser! Plus you’ll gain access to my entire free printable library with over 25 free printables!

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