The Best Easter Basket Ideas for 1-Year-Old Girls

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The sun is finally shining, warm weather is trying its best to be here, Spring is around the corner and so is Easter! Easter is such an amazing day of celebration with our family for our Risen Savior! I love everything about getting ready for Easter, from picking out all of our Easter outfits for Easter morning, to the Easter egg hunt at our church, to gathering with our families, to filling our children’s Easter baskets! This year is even sweeter since our 5th child will be almost 1 year old! It is so much fun seeing their faces on Easter morning. It’s never too early to start brainstorming ideas for their Easter basket gifts, because before you know it, it’ll be here! I’m having so much fun shopping for all of their Easter baskets, especially our almost 1-year-old daughter’s first Easter basket! So, I thought I’d share some great ideas on what I’m finding and even some of our favorite items we already own that make great gift ideas! So, if you’re shopping for a 1-year-old girl too this Easter, you’ll love this post!


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Tips for Easter Basket Shopping

Now, having 5 kids I like to be intentional about everything I purchase. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on things that won’t serve us well or that I will be tossing in the trash in a week. These are just a few things I try to keep in mind when I’m shopping for their Easter baskets or any other gifts throughout the year.

  • Budget: Set a budget and stick to it. It’s really easy to get carried away! If you have multiple kids you could even do a family basket or a couple of “big” items for everyone to share and then fill individual baskets with a few smaller items. I usually do this for their Valentine’s gifts. Last year I bought a craft set for all of them to share, a snack, and some candy. It was much cheaper than buying all of that for each child. Other examples of items for them to share are movies, games, books, etc. Just remember, usually the simpler, the better! 
  • Reuse: Use the same baskets every year and filler too, if you use any, it’s completely optional! I bought some crinkle paper one year and I’ve been using the same paper for the last few years to fill their baskets up a little in the bottom. I store it with their Easter baskets when Easter is over.
  • Themes: If you’re struggling with what to purchase, you could do theme baskets. Here are a few fun ideas for theme baskets: outdoor activities, craft activities, movie night, game night, favorite color-only items, and spring theme. If you’re not much on a theme and want a variety of items simply choose one item from each of the categories I’ve created below.
  • Changing Seasons: This is a great time to purchase items your children need for the changing of the seasons. I love this because you’re killing two birds with one stone! Great options would be swimsuits, rain jackets, rain boots, outdoor toys, or even garden tools.

Baby Easter Basket Ideas for 1-Year-Old Girl

First up, you’re going to need an Easter basket if you don’t already have one for your little girl. In our family, we pass many things down from one generation to the next, so you could use a family member’s old Easter basket if you have one or even shop at your local thrift stores! My mother-in-law recently gave us my husband’s Easter baskets from his childhood, which I may use since I haven’t been able to find the same baskets I bought a few years ago that the other children have.

But while I was shopping I found so many adorable Easter baskets and even tote bags, I have to share them with you! The Easter tote is so cute, and personalized, can be stored flat, and would work well for those egg hunts and for Easter morning! Plus, you can support a small shop! Be sure to check out more personalized items from Stitch and Thell and her Facebook page for the latest!

These baskets can be used again year after year and I love how budget-friendly they are too!

Currently, our older kids have a fabric insert that came with their Easter baskets and I had a local business embroider their names on them. But I came across these cute wooden personalized tags from Harp and Timbrel, that you can attach to baskets too, just a fun addition to personalizing their Easter baskets.

Best Easter Basket Ideas for 1-Year-Old Girl

I’ve categorized my favorite Easter basket ideas for baby’s first Easter into books, outdoor, toys, craft and art supplies, clothing, essentials, and snacks. You can choose from as many or as few as you want! You can even choose one thing from each category to have a complete and perfect gift!

Easter Books

This is the perfect time to start building and adding to your home library! Our Christmas books have expanded and we have so much fun reading through them every year. Now, I’m trying to add to our Easter selection of books. If you ask me, books are at the top of the list of best Easter gifts. Here are some of our current favorites and some I have on a wish list. I try to keep most of these books centered around Jesus, not on the Easter bunny. We also have a few different children’s Bibles, so remember that’s another option too! I love having board books, so they can’t destroy them quickly like a picture book!

Outdoor Easter Basket Ideas for 1-Year-Old Girl

Grabbing bubbles (don’t forget a bubble machine) and other outdoor toys is a fun way and the perfect opportunity to prep for the warm days of spring and summer! These would be great for a toddler’s Easter basket too! I even found some sidewalk chalk that is suitable for 18 months and up!


If you’re shopping for baby toys, things like teething toys (great for exploring different textures), rattles, wooden toys, and other small toys are always fun and affordable.

I recently came across the Etsy shop Grace & Grain Design Co, which I’m obsessed with! She’s a sweet mama and makes the cutest wooden items! I love these custom name puzzles that are just perfect for Easter. And while I’m at it she has wooden flower and leaf collector boards that would be perfect for young children to use while exploring nature!

If bath time is your baby’s favorite time of the day, check out these bath toys and bath crayons!

I haven’t had any kids with a favorite stuffed animal, but I can’t ignore these cute dolls.

Craft Supplies and Art Supplies

Call me crazy, but I’ve even found another fun idea….art supplies! These are suitable for those little hands and don’t worry, they’re nontoxic too! Bonus, you’re already starting to work on those fine motor skills.

Clothing and Shoes

Filling her Easter basket with clothing is a great way to start her spring wardrobe! Here are some adorable Spring outfits, swimwear, pajamas (I’m a sucker for themed pajamas), and our favorite baby moccasins. I discovered these baby moccasins with our 4th (boy) and last year I finally got to purchase the girly ones! I promise you won’t regret it! They’re a cute option that doesn’t sacrifice their foot health.


A little before or around the one-year mark we start introducing foods, which means you’ll probably be on the search for a plate or two, fork, spoon, sippy cup, snack cup, and travel essentials for foods. Here are some of the things I’m looking at.


Last but not least, what you find in almost every child’s Easter basket…candy. We won’t have any chocolate bunnies over here but, here are some of my top picks for snacks for our 1-year-old. Grab any of their favorite snacks. We love the options below, and I may be including them in her Easter basket! 

I hope you found these fun Easter basket ideas for your 1-year-old girl helpful! And from my family to yours, Happy Easter!

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