Ways to Naturally Boost the Immune System

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Yesterday was the first official day of Fall! I’ve been impatiently waiting! But with Fall here and Winter well on the way, that means less sun and vitamin d. And let’s be honest sugar intake increases with the holidays. So that means we need more ways to naturally boost the immune system.

Woman holding measuring spoon with liquid vitamin above cup on kitchen counter for ways to naturally boost the immune system.

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Our Overall Health

Before I jump into all the vitamins and supplements we use, I want to first say that you can’t out supplement a poor diet. Our overall health and wellness fully relies on our diets because our core is our gut and in order for the rest of us to function our gut has to be healthy. I could go on a ramble about how our gut effects things like eczema, but that’s for another blog post.

Along with our diet, sleep, hydration, and stress all impact our immune systems. If you’re not getting the adequate amount of sleep and hydration your immune system will suffer. And we all know stress is no good, but did you realize it actually makes your immune system drop and makes us more susceptible to illness. You can read more about it here.

I know this might seem overwhelming, but just start somewhere. Start by cutting sugar out of your diet, set an alarm to go to bed on time, be sure to carry a water bottle with you everywhere, and find what works best for you to manage your stress levels. It could be anything from exercise to taking a music lesson, just find what helps you relax.

Making Small Positive Changes

Our family has been going since 2010, our first child was born in 2011. We have drastically changed what we eat, where we eat, what we drink, and how we care for our bodies. But it didn’t happen overnight and we’re still a work in progress. But we made the intentional decision to try to take better care of our bodies, this is especially true, for me, after watching my dad battle cancer (he’s been cancer free now for 10 years, praise be to God!) Trying to do all the things at once is a sure way to set yourself up for failure.

We first started mostly by limiting how often we would eat out. Then we started cutting soft drinks out. Everyone has their own bottle that is kept on the kitchen counter with water (makes for less dirty dishes too). We’ve also struggled with eczema and psoriasis which forced us to cut out things gluten and dairy.

As far as sleep, we like to be flexible with our routines, but we also like to have them, I like to call it balance. Sometimes we stay up late and have movie night, but most of the time we’re all in bed at a decent hour. An 80/20 relationship, if you will.

For stress my husband goes to the gym 4 days a week. I usually take a shower and wash my hair. It’s the little things, am I right?

So again, find one thing that you can start doing!

Ways to Naturally Boost the Immune System for Adults

Set of vitamins sitting on riser on kitchen counter for way to naturally boost the immune system. Mary Ruth Liquid Morning Multivitamin, Sodium Ascorbate, Mary Ruth Liquid Probiotic, D Liquid, Omega-3.


What My Husband Uses

Ways to Naturally Boost the Immune System for Children

The baby currently takes his own infant probiotic (purchased from our pediatrician). He also takes the fish oil.

I just line up our cups and fill them up with whatever is needed. I top the vitamins with a little grape juice, give it a stir, and everyone drinks. These are our daily vitamins, although sometimes I do forget, so it’s possible it’s every other day at times.

3 cups lined up on kitchen counter with vitamins and grape juice poured in them with the vitamins in the background.

Next week I’ll be sharing our entire natural wellness cabinet and what we do when we’re actually sick.

I’d love to hear from you! What’s one thing you want to change? I’m working my way, at a snail’s pace, of working out again!

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