Winter Bucket List and Activities

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You guys! It’s December! How, how did this happen? I feel like November just flew by. But I am a lover of the holidays! Just being warm and cozy, slower days, soaking in good books, funny movies, cuddles, hot cocoa, all the things! And so I couldn’t help it, I had to put together another bundle like the Fall one I made, but with all the Winter activities! You can grab the bundle here, it includes the winter bucket list and don’t miss these activities!

graphic of winter theme bundle

And listen don’t stress out, you don’t have to do all the things on this winter bucket list and these activities, there’s no prize for marking off all the boxes. It’s just for fun and to give you some ideas of simple things you can do together as a family to have a little fun on a slow day!

Winter Activity Links

Beverage Recipes

Food Recipes

DIY Ornaments

Coloring and Activity Pages


Drop me a line or two! I’d love to hear what your favorite holiday activities are! I hope y’all enjoy all this holiday season has to offer, savor it, friends!

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