Christmas Presents for Kids and More (2022)

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There’s less than 50 days until Christmas! Our entire household is getting into the Christmas spirit and I’ve already started Christmas shopping. Over the years I’ve tried to be more intentional with what I purchase for our own children. It’s important to me that we’re not just buying stuff to buy, because honestly the excitement of a new toy only lasts for a few days. So I’ve put together a few Christmas gift guides with presents for the kids and even some for the rest of the family. To make it easier to navigate just use the table of contents below:



Baby gift guide graphic displaying all the toys listed.

A couple of these we own, some are similar, and some I would purchase for gifts for a new one!

Mushie Snack Container: I just recently purchased this and I love that it’s all one piece and silicone. Our other snack containers our toddler would always take the lid off and dump everything out. He can still dump them out, but it’s less likely.

Peter Rabbit Push Along: We used to have something similar to this and the kids loved it! Bonus, that Peter Rabbit is adorable.

Teething Ball: This is a great option for babies to teethe on and it’s easy for them to hold.

Baby Beads Rattle and Teether: We have something similar to this. I love the natural look of this one.

Mushie Stacking Cups: We have these and keep them in the living room. There’s multiple ways to play with them. They would even make a good bath toy!

Snuggables Crinkle Blankie: All of our kids have had some sort of crinkle blankie, it’s just a classic and great for the itty bitty babies.


Toddler christmas presents for kids graphic with each item pictured.

These are some of our most loved toys and would make great Christmas presents for your kids!

Paint with Water: Do you remember these from your childhood? They were one of my favorites! And now my kids enjoy them just as much! We keep them in a kitchen drawer and the kids help themselves to painting a page whenever they want. And I love that there’s not much of a mess with these!

Ride on Bee: We’ve had this ride on bee for at least 2-3 years now and all of my kids have rode on it (even the big ones that shouldn’t). But it’s held up so well and it’s played with almost daily!

Melissa & Doug Barn: This barn is so cute and sturdy!

Kitchen: Pretend play is so good for development and this kitchen is on our wish list! Our previous kitchen we’ve had for at least 7 years. It’s held up well, but it’s been well loved and some of it is just falling apart.

Melissa & Doug Floor Puzzles: We have these floor puzzles stored all over the house and they get them out all the time to do over and over again. Perfect activity for a chilly winter day!

Wooden Train Set: I just saw this while doing some online shopping and I think the kids would love putting together a train track and then driving the train. So this is another item on the wish list.

Christmas Presents for Kids

Kids Christmas presents gift guide graphic.

These are so good! And for sure a few of my kids’ favorites!

Brain Flakes: We’ve had these for a couple of years! It’s a great way for them to use their imagination and it’s the perfect activity for a rainy day!

Thunder Tumbler: Listen, we currently have a total of 4 remote control cars and this is the only one that is still holding strong! All of the kids play with it!

Manger Nativity Set: I was recently talking to my sister-in-law and she mentioned that every kid needs a Nativity they can touch and play with. I couldn’t agree more! This one is adorable!

Wooden Tea Set: All of my kids love playing store or restaurant with friends. And I couldn’t pass up sharing this adorable little wooden tea set!

Clip On Reading Light: Each of the kids got one of these last year for Christmas. They use them every single night to read their books in bed. I love that they have amber light which is better for preparing for sleep. There’s also different settings of brightness.

Triceratops Cape: Another one I know my kids would have a blast playing with!

Tween Girls

Tween gift guide graphic with each present pictured.

Sometimes buying for tween girls can seem hard. But these are some great items that my daughter owns already and loves or has on her wish list!

Red Aspen Nails: We’ve had a few sets of these and love them! They’re easy glue on nails. So many cute and fun designs and they come in petite sizes too!

Claw Hair Clips: My daughter wears these hair clips daily and wants more!

Robe: She’s been wanting a cozy robe to wear on chilly days around the house and this one looks perfect!

Backpack: This is another wish list item. She’s been searching for the right size backpack that she can carry as a purse and she loved the look of this one.

Erasable Pens: I had bought some of these erasable pens at the beginning of our homeschool year for my planner. They work great! And she added them to her wish list for her own calendar and planner.

Princess Academy Series: She recently started a book club with a few of her friends and this was our first selection for reading. She’s already read the first book and she’s currently reading the second. She’s enjoyed them so much!

Instax camera: She’s had this camera for awhile and loves it. She takes it with her often and it’s so cute seeing all her little photos of her and her friends together.

STEM Gifts

Gift guide graphic displaying all the STEM toys for Christmas presents for kids.

STEM gifts are always a great option for Christmas presents to keep kids interested and engaged, but they’re also learning! We’ve been gifted some of these over the years and they’ve always been a hit!

Deluxe Studio Science: This one box is loaded with fun science projects!

Grow & Glue Terrarium: Everything you need to plant and decorate your own terrarium is included!

Magna-Tiles Artic Animals: We have something similar to these, but the themes Magna-Tiles has are so cute and fun!

Gem Stone Dig Kit: I purchased this last month for a nephew’s birthday and my kids added it to their wishlist.

Magicubes Shapes: I’ve actually not seen these before. But there’s tons of things to build with only 9 blocks! And again, I love that they can use their imagination to create!

Crystal Garden: Last year our son got this for Christmas and he was amazed everyday watching the crystals grow! Perfect gift for the kid that’s forever collecting rocks!

Connect and Build: This looks great for being able to build multiple things. I’m sure my kids would make a fort first!

Crafting Gifts

You can never go wrong with craft sets for kids presents during Christmas!

Tie-Dye Party: My daughter got a tie-dye kit for Christmas last year and it was her favorite. She put another kit on her wish list for this year!

Fused Bead Kit: I feel like these bring back memories! And we’ve had several different kits before, but this dinosaur one looks like it’s full of fun!

Head in the Clouds Craft Kit: I’m not sure that there’s anything better than just a box full of craft stuff to let their imagination run wild! My kids are constantly in the craft supplies creating new creatures!

DIY Canvas Pouch Kit: This is for sure something my 11 year old would love! Such a fun way for them to create and make something their very own.

Rainbow Loom: Okay, I’m not going to lie, I haven’t bought my kids this. I’m semi terrified of all the tiny rubberbands. But I’ve only heard amazing things from everyone that I know that’s purchased it.

Air Dry Clay Modeling Clay: This is just a classic. So many fun things they can make and have keepsakes.


Right now we save games a lot of times for when the youngest is napping or sometimes he does help one of the adults. But these games are all our most loved games. And winter evenings with a cup of hot chocolate or tea is the best time to get out a family game!

Battleship: I have so many memories of playing this growing up. And I made sure we bought the original one without all the fancy lights and stuff, because that just felt right. But there’s lots of versions of this game out.

Farkle: This one may have taken us a little while to get the rules down right, but it’s been so much fun since! This is cheap enough it could even be a stocking stuffer gift.

Uno: Our 4 year old absolutely loves to play this. It’s her top game of choice when she gets to choose. She frequently beats all of us, grandparents included!

Shut the Box: This was a game my mom found on a trip and it’s been a fun one we all play! Bonus, the kids are doing math and they don’t even realize it!

Honeycombs: This is one my parents have at their house and we get it out and play on Christmas Eve!

Clue Jr: I always loved playing Clue when I was younger. And so I bought Clue Jr. when it came out! It’s simple enough for our 4 year old to play, but advanced enough to keep the big kids having fun too!

Stocking Stuffer Presents for Kids’ Christmas

Shopping for stocking stuffers is probably one of my favorite things! And I love all of these girly things!

Nail Art Party Pack: Both of my girls would love these after painting their nails!

Nail Polish Gift Set: We’ve had several bottles of this nail polish! I love that it’s nontoxic!

Rainbow Hair Clips: These little clips are adorable and I know my 4 year old would love them!

Klee Blush & Lip Duo: What girl doesn’t love playing in some makeup? This is a great nontoxic option for those little ones!

And for the boys…

Dig A Dino Kit: This reminds me of a small version of the gem stone dig kit that I mentioned in the STEM guide.

Scratch and Scribble: And down memory lane again. Please tell me I’m not the only one that loved these things! And they’ve stood the test of time, because my kids love them too!

Mini Tangram Block Set: We’ve had different versions of these, but this is the perfect mini size for the stocking and would be great for travel too.

Superhero Temporary Tattoos: Temporary tattoos are always a fun and easy gift when you need just a little something.

Terra Dinosaurs in a Tube: These are great for sensory tables and more!

Experience Christmas Presents for Kids

And we don’t always need to buy toys for Christmas presents for kids, so if you’re looking for more of an experience gift here’s some great options.

  • Trampoline Park
  • Movie Tickets
  • Science Museum
  • Aquarium
  • Zoo
  • Indoor Water Park
  • Music Lessons
  • Dance Class
  • Cooking Class
  • Sports Tickets
  • Family Vacation
  • Bookstore Giftcard

Subscriptions for Kids

Another idea that one of our family members has been doing for a couple of our kids is a magazine subscription. They love getting things in the mail and they’re educational! And there’s tons of other options for children’s subscriptions.

  • Ranger Rick (Magazine)
  • Highlights (Magazine)
  • KiwiCo
  • Lovevery
  • Little Passports
  • Groovy Lab in a Box

I’ve had so much fun putting these gift guides together! Hopefully you’re able to find Christmas presents for kids and more with the help of these gift guides!

Don’t forget to order your Advent Beeswax Kits while you’re shopping too! I’ve got a full tutorial on how to roll your own beeswax candles!

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