Welcoming a Baby (Best Books for Toddlers About New Baby)

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Are you about to welcome a new baby to the family? Adding a new member to the family is an exciting event, but sometimes can overwhelm the soon-to-be big brother or sister. There are lots of changes that take place for the entire family, toddlers may find coping with this to be a little more difficult. Our family has been through this four times so far and most of our transitions of adding a new baby have gone smoothly! We recently added number 5, a new baby sister, to the mix. I can’t wait to share these books for toddlers about new baby with you and other tips that have worked well for our family during the arrival of a new baby!


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Why Use Books?

Through my years of mothering I’ve found reading books has helped my kids and even me with big changes in our lives. I sometimes can’t come up with the right words to answer their questions. And let’s be honest I haven’t met a kid that doesn’t have lots of questions to ask and sometimes I just need a little guide to help me along. Books are a great tool to help us as parents. Not only do books help to guide us and explain things, but it’s the perfect opportunity to give some extra love to that soon-to-be older sibling! So grab any of these picture books from the list below and help those little ones understand more about their new sibling!

It’s important to remember that different ages will react differently to a new little sibling, but the simple text and adorable illustrations in these books are sure to become the favorites of your children!

Pregnancy Books

Big Sister Books

Big Brother Books

Best Books for the Whole Family

Preparing for Homebirth

Where to Shop for Books

If you’ve been around here for any time, you know I love the library! I always recommend checking out your local library first! But sometimes you might just want to purchase these books to keep, or you might not be able to find them at the library, Thriftbooks is a great way to save money on buying books! Start earning points to receive a free book now!

5 Tips to Help Your Toddler with a New Baby

These are a few of the best ways we’ve helped our children prepare for our expanding family. 


Sibling Gifts

I know with our first I stressed over adding a new baby to our family. She was about 3.5 when her new baby brother arrived. I put together a little backpack with a “Big Sister” shirt, Best Big Sister book, a water bottle, and pajamas. This was for her to open the day he was born and use while staying with my parents while we were at the hospital. I also took her shopping and had her pick out something she wanted to give to her little brother when she came to visit him for the first time at the hospital!  I wanted her to feel special and excited about her new important role.


Date Nights

Date nights don’t have to be elaborate and best of all they can simply take place at home if you’re not ready to get out of the house yet! We do enjoy having one-on-one time with the kids outside of the house. I especially enjoy leaving the house when I take the kids on dates because it gets my mind off the housework and I can soak my kids in. Most of our dates consist of going shopping at their favorite store and getting a treat like ice cream. My husband typically takes the kids to get pizza and play games. Just find something they’ll enjoy and you too! And if you have a date night at home, just make a special treat and play a board game or watch a movie with them.


Baby Dolls

You probably already have a baby doll laying around, but if not take your little boy or little girl out and pick out a new baby doll. Have your child use their baby to take care of while you’re taking care of the newborn. They can change the baby doll’s diaper, clothes, feed them, etc while you’re doing the same tasks with your newborn.


Busy Boxes

Making a few busy boxes to keep for when your new addition arrives will be so helpful! I made a few of these when we welcomed baby number 4 to our family. If you’re unsure what busy boxes are I have a post about them that will help you get started. These are great to get out when it’s nap time or quiet time.



Allow your older child to take on their new role by being your number 1 helper! Ask him or her to pick out the baby’s outfit for the day, grab a diaper and wipes when you need them, or gently rub the baby’s foot to calm them down when they’re upset.


How do I teach my 2-year-old about a new baby?

It’s important to have conversations with your child about welcoming a new baby. Make it fun and exciting and most importantly, keep them involved throughout your pregnancy. Be sure to use simple terms for your child to understand. Allow them to ask questions and answer appropriately.

When should I tell my toddler about a new baby?

This is a personal preference. But we generally tell our children pretty early in the pregnancy that a new baby sibling is on the way. This way we can explain why mommy is tired, we can have family discussions and answer any questions, and this way we are able to share the news with our children rather than hearing from another family member.

How do I talk to my toddler about where babies come from?

Nine Months Before a Baby is Born by Miranda Paul is a great book to help explain this to your child.

I hope this booklist and tips give you some encouragement as you welcome your new bundle of joy! Don’t forget to leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your favorite books for toddlers about new baby and how you’ve transitioned your toddler with the arrival of a new sibling!

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